Figures and statistics for exhibitions

Our company provides a number of technical services to help the success of exhibitions and help to shop in the coming years and depends on the company’s credibility, which has won a large number of exhibitions

Since 1998 to the present and to you explain some of these services


Our company provides staff for the statistical process, receiving visitors and using statistical devices

Our company offers portable devices to enumerate visitors visiting the exhibition and givingDaily statistics of the number of visitors also give the end of the exhibition the number of visitorsRepeaters

Our company prints plastic or cardboard cards for visitorsParticipants and VIP cards with the possibility of placing ads and printingPreprinted cards

Our company gathers the opinions of the participants and their satisfaction with the organizational aspects of the exhibition, which helps the management of the exhibition to know the good aspects and the bad aspects.

Our company provides the service of entering visitors on the computer and provide data on a search program helps you filter and send invitation cards to customers

Our company provides numbers and statistics service in Arabic and English, where the aspects of the exhibition are summarized in this statistic, which helps participants in the exhibition to know the development of the exhibition and the important information and their license such as:

  • Number of Visitors
  • Number of visitors with refining
  • The number of visitors who visited each pavilion on the edge
  • Number of specialized visitors .. etc