Specialized security solutions

Used for the detection of bags and bags and the search for explosives, weapons and drugs can be used at airports, hotels, train stations or banks or commercial center or furnished apartments or residential complexes and all public and vital places to limit the transfer of weapons hidden in all bags, whatever the nature of the bags and is a warning device for any foreign object Weapons, explosives, or explosives

It is used to insure the traffic in one direction and to prevent the passage of vehicles from the opposite direction in several places such as car parks, commercial centers, residential complexes and one-way roads and destroying tires. The vehicles that violate the rules of traffic are damaged and their tires are damaged in case of violation and can be manufactured and designed according to user request

Hydraulics are used in various locations such as military facilities, government buildings, embassies, hotels and airports. Traffic and traffic controls are monitored and controlled to ensure safety and safety against any possible vehicle attack. The fenders are designed to withstand vehicle shock.

The security arm of the quality and international standards of aesthetic design and hardness of its devices and external components stainless steel and water leakage and sensors senses the presence of the vehicle and prevent the descent of the barrier before the passage of the vehicle and can be fully controlled speed of the barrier as desired by the user and can be controlled by remote or through the card reader or through The vehicle panel is available and we have all custom sizes as there is a maintenance team for security