Gym Systems

A specialized program for the management of small and large clubs with follow-up subscribers depends on fingerprint technology and subscriber cards ZK-T1P1

  • Through the fingerprint device can identify people in the lounge without having to return to the main computer and there is a possibility to print reports.
  • Ability to back up the program for reservation on an external medium.
  • Oracle Global Databases, which have the advantage of speed and save very large information without the need to delete data or close a database and open a new base.
  • The possibility of booking a particular participant’s room or group or even a certain coach group with the possibility of a joint exclusion within this group without the need to delete this participant from this group.
  • The possibility of connecting the participants with a specific coach or group to facilitate the search and reservation of the lounge in the event of a reservation for a specific coach.
  • Registration of the subscriber’s personal information such as: (name of the subscriber – phone and mobile – address – phone number of the person in case of need – information about the health of the subscriber).
  • Access to subscribers in addition to the possibility of connecting with the portal to control the opening of the portal for subscribers allowed within the subscription period with the direct alert feature on the computer in the case of the remaining two days to renew the subscription.
  • The possibility of entering the subscriber’s payments and the days of entry on the payment amount Example: If the total subscription value is 1000 and the value of the payments is 500 and the number of sessions for this subscription is 10 sessions when the participant reaches the fifth session stops the opening of the door and gives a warning to the employee responsible for contributions that this subscriber must be collected from it Remaining payments.