Data Center Solutions


ALTAMEER delivers the right combination of fiber optic products, services and technology for data centers

The data center is the heart of your operation. Whether it occupies one room, one or more floors, or an entire building, ALTAMEER can supply any or all of the components for an end-to-end Tier 3 operation.

With well experience in fiber optic cabling solutions, Internet Protocol (IP) applications, enterprise service and support, ALTAMEER has the expertise to maximize the performance and scalability of your data center applications. As the technology leader in fiber optic cabling, accessories and components, ALTAMEER can help deliver modularity, flexibility in design, density and scalability from optical fiber and cable to the hardware and connectivity in your data center.

  • reliability and performance:
  • Cabling solutions
  • Fiber and copper, including air-blown fiber (eABF)
  • Design and installation
  • New or existing site assessment
  • Data center consolidation
  • Raised flooring
  • Equipment racks
  • Ladder racking
  • Patch panels
  • Power systems
  • Certified professionals
  • Test and inspection equipment
  • Fusion splicers
  • Smart Row

As the lines continue to blur between phone, cable and internet, and companies seek to improve capacity, density and bandwidth, data centers will continue to invest in a fiber-based infrastructure. ALTAMEER is uniquely positioned to assist customers with cost-effective solutions to help them meet their productivity goals.