Tuning the garage

This system is an effective system for controlling both access to and exit from the garage.

Features of this system:

  • The driver does not need to get out of the car to open the door, but the door is opened automatically when the driver approaches the garage door for a certain distance, both at entry and exit.
  • Record all entry and exit movements on the computer connected to the system.
  • Easy to install control cards to pass inside the car in a stylish way.
  • The use of cards operating on a 433.9MHz high-frequency radio signal can not be interfered with.
  • Ability to accommodate up to 9,999 different users.
  • Easy installation of the system in addition to its elegance.

System Components

  • Cards covering 6 m (need internal battery up to 1000 read)
  • Cards covering a distance of 15 m (need internal battery up to 1000 read)
  • Energies span 60 cm distance (no battery needed)
  • Cards covering a distance of 3 m (need internal battery up to 1000 read)

Reader PFH-9210
It is installed near the crossing gate, in the case that we have two gates and preferably connect two readers (optional).

Controller PF-2752
It is used to open the gate and give permissions to different cards and register all traffic through the portal.

Access Software
It is used to print all traffic reports through the portal and to determine the duration of each pass

Other system applications

Warehouse doors

Security doors

Garage entrance barriers

Doors for lifts