Barcode Printers




Clear print for shipping labels, price of materials, warning labels or washing instructions in various sizes with logo and barcodes in any language, which gives accuracy and clarity of information and eliminates printing in regular presses, especially for variable data such as production date.

What distinguishes a technical vendor from other competitors?

  • A real guarantee for all purchased devices in addition to free maintenance throughout the period of warranty and maintenance paid outside the warranty period, noting that the maintenance period does not exceed 48 hours.
  • The hardware is always available in addition to the most important thing in the hardware is the spare parts.
  • Ensuring the installation of systems in most cases without the need to change the existing programs of the customer, which saves the investment of previous programs.
  • After sales service of insurance of inks and labels within a period not exceeding 24 hours and secure any additional equipment needed by the customer and quickly.
  • Our company provides the best brands of products and the most famous, in addition to the existence of about 48 brands
  • Specialization : Providing integrated solutions with all the equipment of readers, printers, raw materials, programs, etc., so that all things are compatible with each other without the need to review several companies.
  • Secure training in most applications, hardware and software ease for simple users.
  • High quality devices are guaranteed and designed for use in an industrial environment, where they withstand shocks and dust and compete in quality and price.
  • Prices include case study, implementation, training, maintenance, warranty and service within 24 hours with the possibility of securing alternative equipment in the event of breakdown of customer equipment.

What are the advantages of using label and cloth printers?

  • Print washing instructions
  • Disposal of tax violations and rationing by printing the customs declaration number on the imported goods
  • The possibility of inventorying goods in warehouses at maximum speed through the barcode
  • A specialty printer only for printing labels without disrupting the printer’s document printer.
  • And many other benefits … etc
  • Speed ​​in printing
  • Fine, elegant printing
  • Mitigating paper data and resulting human errors
  • International barcode printing
  • Cancel printing costs at regular presses
  • Add other numbers such as validity date and number of the cooker
  • Print on the carton directly without having to print on the labels (the carton must be a specific gramamage)

What if it’s hard to print the labels away from the products?

We have developed a solution to solve the problem where it is possible to print labels for products directly at products of large sizes or other, which requires such a situation where we designed a program to read the bar code material on the mobile device and then print the label on the printer Stickers mounted on the waist through Bluetooth and can also Add the label information from the mobile device and then print it to the portable printer. This process also reports on the inventory of firm assets

How can we choose the printer for the right customer for our business?

There are many different types of printers that serve point of sale to reach the large factories and here we start to explain about printers

It is non-industrial printed until the width of 7 cm and benefit pharmacists and air-conditioned points, which do not need a suit more than 7 cm, which need to print 1000 thermal labels or less daily.

It is a small American company, DATAMAX, office, printing thermal labels, ribon ink, 10 cm printing width, serving point of sale, and companies that need 4000 printers a day.

Of the US company DATAMAX, which is industrial and printed thermal labels and ribon ink and print width 10 cm and serves companies that need to print 10,000 labels daily and more


POS printers

Specialized printers for stickers and cloth

POS printers

Industrial printers for laboratories and companies

Companies that can use barcode printers and some companies that own printers from our company

Areeba – SyriaTel

Bank Audi – Bank of Syria and Diaspora – World Bank for Trade and Finance and the Canadian Embassy

UG (Unite Group)

Family – Grand Mart Supermarket – Town Center

Nestlé – Katakit – Durra – Max Tello

Son of Zahr – Serpio – Univarma

adiddas – Best Mountain

Paints Hebron – Udine – James – Awad Amoura

Langeuri Daadouche – Aseel – Ornina Cham