Vehicle Distribution System

Now you can visit all your customers yourself and apply your marketing plans and increase your sales in the market as if you are with the distribution representative every moment in his work.
Using the distribution system, you can give the distribution representative the most important information he needs, which he can not save or calculate immediately and provide all Tasks to be carried out on this day such as:

  • Allowed rebates
  • The delegate’s goal for this month
  • Inventory what he has inside his car
  • Funds to be collected from the market
  • Single and yet monochromatic reader with imaging
  • A colorful Windows system for handheld devices
  • Weatherproof and shock resistant
  • Transferring data via GPRS directly from the client to the distribution company
  • Infrared signal, Bluetooth and wireless network
  • The system works on all devices that support an operating system
  • Windows Mobile, or Windows CE.
  • The system supports the SQLServer CE database allowing for large data size and high reliability.
  • The program interfaces are designed to be very easy to fit in a novice salesperson and designed in a way that fits the size of small screens.

All our equipment is guaranteed from mis-manufacturing with the replacement of a replacement device in case of failure and the possibility of working contracts after maintenance of the warranty

  • Know customer balance when selected
  • Do not exceed the debt tolerance of each customer
  • Collect payments
  • Terminate all types of rebates
  • Reduce or eliminate data entry errors to the accounting program
  • Change lost time by entering data from hours to minutes
  • Selling cash or later with the balance and time to make payments
  • Providing more services and better care to customers such as (immediate statement … etc)
  • Know the results of the offers and marketing plans at each point of sale
  • Send data wirelessly from anywhere to manage over a GPRS network
  • Update the delegate data instantaneously through GPRS
  • Statistical reports on the date and time of the movement of the presence of the delegate
  • Report on the production time of the delegate and the time spent
  • Know how to display your goods at each customer
  • Link the governorates to the main station and update the data every half an hour
  • Updating customer data in the accounting program on a daily basis
  • Administrative information and comprehensive reports (sales – marketing – accounting … .. and etc)

In addition to the many advantages that our company is striving to increase through the continuous development of the project


Rugged Handheld Computer



Rugged HF Reader



Mobile Thermal Printer DPP-350


  • The oldest and first company in Syria in the field of barcode and portable devices since 1995
  • Our company has the largest customer references that operate on the car distribution system (non-stop)
  • A real warranty for the equipment includes free maintenance inside and outside Syria through the manufacturers
  • The existence of a special section for programming and maintenance of devices specialized in mobile devices (local and international experience)
  • The devices are referenced with the original version with the support of localization companies for different types of devices
  • Provide post-warranty maintenance contracts to ensure the continued operation of your equipment and software
  • Modernize the system and rehabilitate your cadres for continued development
  • Provide an alternative device in case of failure of one of your devices
  • Support through services that support the auto-distribution system from A to Z
  • Provide a help file and how to use it, tips and services in order to maintain hardware
  • Interconnection with the coding system for stores, which provides you with data for all points of sale
  • Provide industrial devices resistant to shocks and weather factors
  • Our machines are specially designed to work outside the four walls, and are tested at the expense of our company not at the customer’s expense.
  • The company that provides a guarantee to operate the system within its contracts.
  • Our company treats its customers as partners, not customers, which they win when the customer wins and loses when the customer loses
  • Our company offers complete solution for hardware, software, accessories, training, craft secrets (key by hand)
  • Our company is registered with international organizations specialized in studies and solutions for barcode systems
  • We have agents in the provinces to provide faster and better service to the customer