Global Facility Management System

Our organization is an exclusive agent for EASTWORDS, an American company specialized in ERP systems. The comprehensive enterprise management system, which includes all the standard models in the global ERP systems used in the management of private companies and government departments. The system works on a major database, ORACLE International

Introduction about the Organization

Qyadat was established in 2000 to provide advanced software solutions to bridge the gap in the business software market in the Middle East. The company began with a small team of software engineers with extensive experience working with leading software companies in the US and Europe. Today, the team consists of more than 70 analysts, designers, programmers, developers and sales representatives. TransTech is known for its Compass products, a bilingual enterprise resource planning system consisting of more than 20 partial systems.


Qyadat Financial Management and Compass Human Resources Management. The company has expertise in industrial systems such as pharmaceutical, textile, food, fashion and others.TransTech is looking to expand into the regional market, namely Jordan, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates. It is part of the Structure Group and its Executive Director Abdul Salam Heikal. TransTech is registered in Saudi Arabia in 2001 and in Delaware, USA (since 2008).


  • To become a regional leader and innovator in the provision of bilingual systems for each region and solutions that enhance business competitiveness, as well as increase efficiency and improve quality, optimize the use of resources, and reduce the risk of loss.
  • To attract the best talent in the software industry, and help them grow personally and professionally.
  • Lead CSR by improving access to technology for businesses, businesses and society as a whole.

Main Systems

Compass relies on Oracle databases and consists of the following systems.

  • Qyadat ERP.
  • Qyadat Financial Management
  • Qyadat Fixed Asset Management
  • Qyadat Human Resources Management
  • Qyadat Planning Management
  • Qyadat Laboratory Management
  • Qyadat for the distribution and sale of cars
  • Qyadat fleet management
  • Qyadat for Materials Management and Warehouses
  • Qyadat Procurement Management
  • Qyadat Manufacturing Management
  • Qyadat Sales Management
  • Qyadat Ship Management and Crew Crew
  • Qyadat Fashion Design Management
  • Qyadat to manage loyalty
  • Qyadat Mini
  • Qyadat for machinery and machinery maintenance