Advanced tracking systems

The most powerful tracking system for personal and large cars and transport vehicles, with instantaneous follow-up of voice and image, remote car control and follow-up of all changes of the car (panzine – cooling, etc.)

The system enables you to track your car or the people you wish to track through a website and easily and uses the system Google Earth maps as well as follow-up via mobile or tablet or smart devices

  • Making the US company CARTRACK the most versatile
  • The company also provides special programs and servers for the success of its projects and has a specialized development department that can connect with other programs if necessary
  • Our company is the authorized agent of CARTRACK, USA
  • Tracking and software that meet all market needs across all sectors
  • It has equipment for large trucks, small cars and even motorcycles, lizards and individuals

 Full explanation of techniques

Available device models

iTrackPro AVL

For carriers and large trucks, AVL has unlimited storage capacity to develop a system and geographical control via text messages, determine the current driver, and the ability to see it remotely.


Built-in, real-time tracking of people, boxes, travel bags, etc., panic button, easy-to-charge battery for up to 30 hours, ideal for children and seniors and as a security measure for executives and diplomatic staff.

iTrackPro MOTO

Motorcycle tracking 12V and other vehicles, easier to install, very small light and waterproof, low power consumption, allows engine stop, panic button and ignition alarm, anti-theft alarm, ideally suited to basic tracking systems for all kinds of light vehicles.

iTrackPro Container

For the first time, you can track your shipments through this system designed to travel around the world without the need for any day-to-day connections and batteries, with protection against weather and rain.


The system is specially developed for cars to maintain and track movements in the event of danger and theft with the possibility of stopping the car engine by text message from a distance.